Buying Fish from Pet Stores

I’m discussing things a little out of order here. How can you buy fish without first knowing what to fish to buy? Please bear with me, I chose this topic because of what I saw today.

Today I went looking around several pet stores (as one does on a Saturday). I went to 2 big box stores and 2 small local fish stores. I’ll cover them in the order I went to them.

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Tank Cycling 101

One important and often overlooked aspect of setting up an aquarium is tank cycling. This is the process of getting the good bacteria to grow in your aquarium. The Nitrogen Cycle begins when ammonia starts to build up in the tank and bacterias that convert ammonia into nitrite starts to develop. Once the nitrite starts to build up, bacteria that converts nitrite into nitrate starts to grow. Nitrate is reduced through regular water changes and plants utilizing the nitrate for food.

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