This Week At Pet Stores: 2

So I went to some pet stores yesterday. Despite the fact that this week was less eventful, I did see some pretty neat stuff, and I’m now a step closer to owning my new fish tank!

Pet Store #1


This place has really been stepping up their game. The fish here used to all have Ich, and many had fin rot. I didn’t see any freshwater fish with Ich, and the fin rot appeared to be healing nicely. The tanks looked like they had new plants put in and were all recently redone.

I did see some really nice rocks, but sadly I don’t have anywhere to put them for now.


I’m almost done paying for my new tank too!

Pet Store #2

This store has a pretty bad reputation, but I decided to take a look anyway. The last time I bought fish from this store, they all had Ich and died. However, this time the fish looked great. There were no dead fish, the water was clear, all the fish looked very healthy, and no signs of Ich anywhere. The selection of Betta fish was the largest I had ever seen in any store. I’d still be hesitant to buy any animals from here, but I did go ahead and buy some algae wafers.

Pet Store #3


I personally do not have a reef tank. I would absolutely love one though, and I think this place is going to end up being my go to store for all things reef related. I mentioned this store in my post last week about how much coral they have; I got pictures this time!

They have TONS of corals; corals of all sizes and types. I didn’t think stores would ever have this much coral.

I also saw an axolotl at this store. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an axolotl at the store. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures.

The number of corals they have seems endless. These pictures don’t do it justice.

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