This Week At Pet Stores: 1

I went to some pet stores again. I always love seeing what new fish they have in stock, but I also get infuriated when I see fish living in poor conditions. I’ll likely make this a weekly topic since I go to pet/fish stores almost every Saturday.

Pet Store #1

IMG_4107The first pet store (a big box store) had a black seahorse for sale; it took all my willpower not to buy him, especially since he was so cheap. Normally I wouldn’t even consider buying an aquatic animal from this store, but the seahorse was kept isolated in one of their display only reef tanks that run on an independent filtration system, so he is pretty okay where he is.


Unfortunately, the other fish weren’t as lucky as the little seahorse. A vast majority of them had Ich, (including their $150 discus and many saltwater fish), large silver dollars housed with barbs had severely nipped fins, several dead fish, and their huge fancy gold fish had dropsy.

I know the picture isn’t great (he was camera shy), but this Discus is a good 6 inches in diameter, and he has Ich. If you see ANY fish in a pet store or fish store with Ich, do not buy fish there. The last thing you want to do is give Ich to your healthy, happy fish at home.

IMG_4106The resident Foxface wasn’t looking too good either. Not only did he have Ich, but his right fin wouldn’t move, and he was struggling to keep off the bottom of the tank. It frustrates me when pet stores don’t take proper care of their animals. This fish has been there for a while, and he was doing great last week when I saw him.

Despite the fact that the fish are poorly kept, the other animals (rodents, weasels, and birds) all look well maintained, and I did spend time bonding with a Macaw. Oh, and I bought a new tank which is being held for me until I move into my new house next week. It’s a 50 gallon that I believe is a custom made look down aquarium. I plan to make a screen lid for it. I’ll post step-by-step how I make the lid and the entire setup process.WP_20170701_13_49_28_Pro

Pet Store #2


The second pet store is a specialty fish store. They have the biggest selection of saltwater fish I have ever seen, and they have a giant room with hundreds of coral (no pictures of this, sorry).

They also had foot long lionfish. This fish is in an unfortunate situation though. Someone purchased him already, but the owner hasn’t picked him up yet. Since this big guy has already been purchased, the store owner isn’t really motivated to put him in a larger tank despite the fact the fish looks very stressed by the small 30 gal home.


Another fish that I had my eye on was a juvenile Helmet Cowfish. He was about 2-3 inches long. I someday want to have a Helmet Cowfish with a Snowflake Eel and a Picasso Triggerfish in a 210 gal tank, but that is a dream for now.

I didn’t get any pictures of the freshwater fish at this store, but a majority of them weren’t for sale because they were being treated (for Ich most likely). I will give this store some credit though; their fish did look a little better than they did the last time I was at this store.

Now I have more things I want.

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